We invite guests and friends of Blue Surf 17 to share some of their favorite memories at Miramar Beach.   As future guests scroll this page, we want them to find ideas and inspiration to create their own special moments as they share time here with their family and friends.

Beautiful View and Wildlife

Eve B.

April 2019

When my family and I were having our usual day at the beach, we saw some people out in the water, and when I went out there, there was a dolphin right at the shore catching some fish. There was a huge crowd of people and the dolphin stayed friendly and didn’t seem to be bothered by them. The same day, there was also a shark just outside the second sandbar. I love visiting miramar beach because of the beautiful sunsets, and the wildlife that surrounds it.

First Time at Blue Surf

Zach Bertram

April 2013

On our very first Spring Break trip to Destin in 2013, we had friends from Indiana that came with us, but stayed in a different condo. They invited us to come check it out. We decided that the courtyard at their space would be perfect for an Easter egg hunt and Easter pictures. It turns out, that property was Blue Surf.

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